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Swim Drink Fish Music – The Swim Drink Fish Music Club is an online music and audio experience developed by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper in collaboration with other Waterkeeper organizations across Canada.

The Swim Drink Fish Music Club brings together artists, activists, and citizens just like you who care about clean water. By celebrating the Club’s exclusive and rare music, you are contributing to the fight for swimmable, drinkable, fishable water in your community.

Your annual membership fee gets you access to the website for one year from the time you first login. You can download audio tracks and play the music on any personal device you choose, even after your membership expires.

New Featured Tracks are uploaded about once a month. You’ll get at least twelve of these exclusive songs in a year. These are songs created by artists who care about clean water for you! You’ll also get rare tracks from indie artists about once a week. That’s more than 50 extra tracks this year!

Our catalogue of tracks from the Club’s predecessor, a compilation CD called “At the Barricades: Volume 1″, is also available for your listening pleasure. The artists on this album were the first to speak up for clean water and are the founding members of the Swim Drink Fish Music Club. They are: Broken Social Scene, Sarah Harmer, Bill Frisell, Boi Brasileiro & Scotty Hard, Chris Brown, Kate Fenner, Stars, Dave Bidini, and Tony Scherr. Also found on the compilation are songs from Bruce Cockburn, Pete Seeger, Mads Mouritz, Gordon Downie & Atom Egoyan, and Sex Mob.

The Swim Drink Fish Music Club also gives you new spoken word tracks every week. These range from 2 minutes to half and hour and will help connect you to the people and issues at the forefront of the clean water cause.

You’ll find episodes of Living At the Barricades, the weekly radio program produced by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and broadcast around southern Ontario. If you like this show, we encourage you to subscribe to the podcast, available via the iTunes Music Store or the show website.

Many of our Music Club members are frequent guests on the show, and we think you’ll like it.

Your annual membership fee helps Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and participating Waterkeeper organizations, including Fraser Riverkeeper and Ottawa Riverkeeper. We’ll make every effort to ensure that funds are directed to the participating Waterkeeper organization closest to you.

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