Local Businesses Get Incentives to Save Energy

Energy Saving Building - Day 202 of Project 365

VICTORIA, BC – Small businesses in the capital region can now access financial incentives and free energy assessments to help them save money and reduce their energy consumption through the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program thanks to a partnership between the Westshore Chamber of Commerce, the Capital Regional District, Livesmart BC, and City Green Solutions, a local non-profit organization.

The LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program is a $15 million three year program tailored to meet the needs of B.C.-based small businesses.

“Small businesses have a lot to worry about. My job is to make it easy for them to save energy, reduce their environmental impact, and shrink their energy bills,” explains Matt Greeno, a City Green Business Energy Advisor.

Businesses in the capital region with an annual electricity bill less than $50,000 are eligible for a free assessment to identify areas where they can save energy and learn about the financial incentives available to help with lighting, space heating and cooling, and water heating retrofits.

“The Westshore Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be a part of this initiative. We are promoting economic growth and, at the same time, supporting the business community in taking leadership on environmental issues” explains Dan Spinner, the Executive Director for the WestShore Chamber of Commerce.

“Energy use can often be a significant part of an operating budget. By providing the support and incentives to replace products, technologies and systems, this program helps to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and puts money back into the hands of small business owners,” says Sarah Webb of the CRD Climate Action Program.

Across the province, the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program is targeted to reach more than 4,000 participants over three years. It is forecasted to save BC small businesses more than $7 million in utility costs each year once complete.

“This program has been very useful. It helped us understand the business case for replacing our old lights, and gave us step-by-step guidance about how to upgrade and access incentives,” says Andrew Woodridge, Publisher at Orca Book Publishers in Victoria, about the LiveSmart BC: Small Business energy assessment they completed with City Green.

Businesses in the capital region who are in interested in a free energy assessment can contact 250.478.1130 or chamber@westshore.bc.ca or go to www.westshore.bc.ca/livesmartbc for more details. Further information on the LiveSmart BC: Small Business for businesses outside the capital region can be found at www.livesmartbc.ca/green_business.


Media Contacts:

Peter Sundberg
Executive Director
City Green Solutions
250.381.9995 ext 102

Deanna Deacon
WestShore Chamber of Commerce

Sarah Webb
Capital Regional District

To arrange for an interview or visit to a business participating in the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program, contact City Green at 250.381.9995 x.110.

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