Power Summer Prairie, July 15 – 17

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Power Summer Prairie Camp
July 15-17
Camp Meywasin, Wabumun AB

Imagine hundreds of youth from the Pacific to the Atlantic and up to the Arctic Circle trained, prepped and ready to take action for their future and our climate. Pretty great huh?

Well, we imagined it earlier this year, and this summer we are making it a reality. Throughout July and August we will be holding Power Summer camps in communities across Canada.

Power Summer Prairie will include training in popular education, action & strategy, communications, messaging, campaign planning, and other quintessential organizing skills, while building our understanding of climate justice and how we build a movement to get it. These 3 day, weekend long camps will use participatory, direct education to train the next generation of climate warriors and trainers. We will also work with local organizers to connect these camps to on the ground organizing being done in the prairies.

The Prairie camp will take at Camp Meywasin in Wabumun, Alberta, located about an hour outside of Edmonton.

Participants will be able to start arriving at the camp on the afternoon of July 14th, with programming starting on Friday morning and running until Sunday afternoon. All meals are included in the $50 registration fee, and transportation from Edmonton is being organized.

You can find out all the information about the camps at www.powersummer.wordpress.com and register here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dExUZG5HbTJLNGVYWHRfdzZjcmNKV2c6MQ

Contact Taryn Hancock (taryn@ourclimate.ca) or Cameron Fenton (director@ourclimate.ca) for more information.

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