Symposium: Creating Value, Making a Difference: Sustainable Investing at Canadian Universities – June 21

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Join us in beautiful Victoria, BC, on June 21, for our inaugural symposium: Creating Value, Making a Difference: Sustainable Investing at Canadian Universities

We invite you to join the Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing (CURI) for its inaugural symposium, which will highlight opportunities for forward-thinking universities to benefit from investing while contributing to positive social change and environmental sustainability.

This one-day symposium is part of the Canadian Summit on Socially Responsible Investment. The symposium will be held on June 21, 2011, at the Empress Hotel, in Victoria, BC.

Responsible Investing at Canadian Universities:

The threats of climate change, resource scarcity and ecological degradation are the defining challenges of this century. If we are going to transition to a sustainable economy, we need to harness the power of financial markets to help develop the technology and solutions we need. This is a huge opportunity, but it requires a shift in social, political and corporate values.

Academic institutions should be leading this shift. Not only are they engines of ideas and innovation, but they are responsible for billions of dollars in investments through their pension and endowment funds. Sadly, while universities teach sustainability, they don’t always apply those same principles to the management of their own finances. Environmental, social and governance concerns and risks are often left out of their investment decisions. This means that billions of dollars are spent in ways that don’t actually reflect the values of university communities.

This symposium seeks to create a dialogue on how academic institutions can implement socially responsible investing policies and create multi-stakeholder groups to advise their trustees on ways to assess and mitigate financial risks arising from controversial environmental, social and governance issues. Through participating in discussions like these and implementing responsible investing approaches, universities can meet the goals set out in their mandates, create new forums for education on corporate and investment practices and provide ways to engage the knowledge and expertise produced by academic communities across disciplines.

We welcome participants from all disciplines; whether you are an expert on socially responsible investing or have never heard the term before. If you have an interest in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, have a background in political science, psychology, geography, economics, finance, business, environmental science or law, we need your help! By bringing together interested individuals with university administrators, business officers, professors, students and leaders in the responsible investment industry, we seek to promote an interdisciplinary approach to introducing sustainable investment practices to universities across Canada.


Participants may register to the CURI symposium on June 21 or to the entire program of the SIO conference (June 20 – 22).

Students*                 $58   +   $6.96HST   =  $64.96
Non-student           $110    +  $13.20HST  =  $123.20

*Proof of student status required.

Click here to register to the CURI symposium.

Click here to register to the SIO conference.

About the Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing:

The Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing (CURI) was formed to identify constructive, new approaches to bring environmental, social and governance concerns into the management of university endowments and pension funds.

We look forward to seeing you in Victoria in June!

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