Sustainable municipalities snapshot – GCNews #731

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731: 7 June 2011 – Publised by Green Communites Canada

ONTARIO WALKOLUTION FUNDING. Green Communities’ Canada Walks has been awarded two project grants from the Ontario’s Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport’s Healthy Communities Fund : Walking and Wheeling: Healthy, Happy, Active School Travel received $171,830; Ontario Walk Friendly Communities Designation Development received $264,480. Both grants are for a two year period.

AWARD. Jack McGinnis, founder of Durham Sustain Ability, posthumously received a 2010 special citation awards for his lifelong work in various environmental issues in Pickering. “It was a happy moment for all of us,” Ms. McGinnis said of the standing ovation for her late husband.

PROMOTION idea. The winner of Clean Nova Scotia DriveWiser’s newest contest receives a complete car clean-up valued at $140.

FUNDING COMMITMENT. Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador received a funding commitment of $634,600 for its Green Team program.

HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL. Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL) increased its number of volunteers from 25 to over 50 in two years, and developed volunteer policies and procedures thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation-funded Rideau Volunteers program.

COMMUTER WEEK. Green Venture co-organizes Smart Commute Hamilton’s Transportation and Healthy Living Fair, held during Clean Air Commute Week (13-19 June). “Indoor gym memberships cost money and are often a drive away. Think about fitting exercise into something you already do – commuting to and from work.”

ENERGY SAVING SCAM.  An Ontario resident gives an account of a call with a telemarketing scammer “authorized by the federal government to offer an electricity-saving device at no cost… only a $139.99 security deposit and a three-month money-back guarantee.” A similar campaign is going on in Manitoba and BC.

SUSTAINABILITY KNOW-HOW. See 2010 Community Sustainability Snapshot: Survey Results from Canadian Municipalities: Top 5 sustainability initiatives (water efficiency/conservation, solid waste reduction, energy efficiency, active transportation, recreation planning), Top 5 resources, services and frameworks; Top 5 sustainability tools and techniques, and Top 5 internal barriers to sustainability.

URBAN THINKING. Roof-top green houses save energy and water, and provide local food, stormwater management, natural cooling, insulation, food production, and passive solar gain … A dovecote put a city nuisance (pigeons) to work in supplying adequate sources of nitrogen that would otherwise wash off the street into the sewer.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT FARMING. Organic farms can be more energy efficient than conventional farms that mass produce crops using unsustainable practices, says study co-authored by York University professor. Researchers concluded that organic farms were more energy efficient on both a per-hectare and per-product basis, with the exception of fruit farming and poultry production, where data is limited.

HOUSECYCLING. US homeowners are discovering an environmentally friendly and increasingly cheaper alternative to demolition: home deconstruction.

SHADELESS. A group of Toronto mothers forms a grassroots fundraising campaign to plant trees in a new treeless playground that, in summer, heats up like a baker’s oven.

JOBS. Sustainable Concordia, Concordia Campus Sustainability Assessment Coordinator. Montreal, due 21 June … City of Surrey, Environmental Stewardship Program Assistant. Due June 20 … Youth Challenge International, Tanzania Youth Ambassadors. No due date … Fresh City Farms, Urban Farmer. Toronto, no due date … Planet in Focus, Program Development Manager. Toronto, due 10 June.

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