Ontario’s Sustainable City Innovation Network: Building Green Communities


Through support for Evergreen Brick Works, Ontario is helping to launch a new project that will advance new technologies in energy, transportation, green building design and water and waste management.

Evergreen, a national charity dedicated to overcoming urban and suburban environmental challenges, has transformed Toronto’s old Don Valley Brick Works into a thriving community environmental centre, and Ontario is providing $4.75-million to support the project as an international showcase for sustainable design.

As part of the effort, Ontario’s new Sustainable City Innovation Network will:

  • Connect leading innovators, city builders, entrepreneurs, researchers and others so they can collaborate on developing and implementing clean technologies
  • Host an annual EXPO series to promote and showcase Ontario’s innovative clean industries
  • Serve as a national hub for information about sustainability in cities
  • Strengthen Ontario’s position as a leader in the global clean economy

“Innovation in clean technologies is playing a leading role in building a strong Ontario economy and helping us continue to turn the corner,” says Glen Murray, Ontario’s Minister of Research and Innovation. “Evergreen’s transformation of the Brick Works shows how new ideas can renew the way we live and give us a great quality of life in our cities while promoting new companies and creating jobs.”

Investing in the development of clean technology will help Ontario continue to turn the corner, and create the next generation of jobs. It supports the Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan to get Ontario off dirty coal-fired power and replace it with renewable sources of electricity.

“The winning economy in the 21st Century will be the green economy,” said Evergreen’s executive director, Geoff Cape. “It is in cities – through innovation in such areas as urban ecology, building efficiencies and transport – where we can effect deep environmental and social change that positively benefits the economy as well.”

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3 thoughts on “Ontario’s Sustainable City Innovation Network: Building Green Communities

  1. It takes more than talking about sustainable cities, which we have done for many years now. . It takes Action and it takes  political will.
    So, please, support by signing and circulating  to your friends,  our Petition  on: “Legislation for Alternative Transportation in Ontario”


    It is based on sustainable cities, economics, health, civil rights,  environmental infrastructure.

    Lela Gary
    Air Pollution Coalition


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