Local Residents Oppose BC’s Northern Gateway Pipeline

Skyline of Kitimat
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If built, Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline would send oil right across the central portion of British Columbia – just inland of the Pacific coast and all the way into Alberta.

It would extend 1,170 kilometres between Kitimat, BC, just south of Terrace and Brudenheim, Alberta, a town located just north of Edmonton.

There’s a new website campaign, called Pipe Up Against Enbridge, which is galvanizing opposition against the pipeline.

Check out the site for interactive maps and videos that offer anyone a chance to make their voice heard. First Nations groups across the region are also protesting the pipeline.

ForestEthics has put together several videos documenting local opposition against the Norther Gateway Pipeline in BC:



2 thoughts on “Local Residents Oppose BC’s Northern Gateway Pipeline

  1. Almost all those opposed to the pipeline use gasoline, oil, diesel, natural gas and other bi products.  It is a changing world out there and we all have to proceed  into it.  There are groups out there that come into your communities, facilitate the protests and then leave with only one point of view left behind and that is negativity which is ” no to pipelines”.  If we work with Enbridge we will all benefit, as pipelines can be built safe.



    1. These are all fair points, Endako. Ultimately, our hope is simply to ensure that everyone knows the full story of what is being proposed, and that a proper study is undertaken to expose all risk and determine just how safe these pipelines are.

      If pipelines can be built safely, that’s great. But if it was an “open-and-shut” case, we wouldn’t be seeing leaks like the recent oil spill in the Rainbow Pipeline near Little Buffalo, Alberta. Residents (and obviously wildlife) in the area are still feeling the repercussions, so it’s important to make sure ALL precautions are taken in all future pipelines. If that safety cannot be assured, such pipelines shouldn’t go ahead.

      As for the use of oil in general. Yes, our society is quite dependent on it. But there is nothing wrong with trying to gradually ween ourselves away from such inefficient use of oil that we threaten our natural landscapes and the health of future generations. These are things everyone should be striving for, and it is possible…


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