Let’s Hear It for the Birds: Biosphère Environment Museum

Montreal Biosphère in Montreal, Canada
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Montreal – From May 13-15, the Biosphère Environment Museum is inviting nature lovers to the free Let’s Hear It for the Birds event, as part of the 2011 Travel and Outdoor Festival.

The event will focus on the world of birds with half a dozen entertaining and informative activities developed to highlight the 40th anniversary of Environment Canada. Learn all about the ethics of ornithology and adopt the proper etiquette for birdwatching and bird photography, thanks to a talk by the Regroupement QuébecOiseaux. You can also put your knowledge to the test with games aimed at identifying different species of birds and take part in a short geocaching circuit on endangered species.

Experts will also be there to answer questions about Environment Canada’s network of protected areas, as well as bird banding, monitoring and protection. An art installation of birdfeeders made from reclaimed materials as well as a nature lounge are the focus of an entertaining and colourful scenography designed for the event.

Visit www.ec.gc.ca/biosphere for information on the presentation schedule.

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