WOW at the Festivals & Events Ontario Conference - Markham, ON

Cobourg – Keeping event attendees hydrated is an ongoing challenge for event coordinators, especially those planning outdoor summer festivals, concerts and charity athletic events.

Compounding the problem is the harmful environmental impact of selling commercially packaged bottled water at events.

Water-On-Wheels (WOW), a local Cobourg-based business, has developed a solution that provides events across Ontario with access to onsite water sources. WOW refill stations allow event attendees to refill their reusable water bottles on site using existing municipal water sources.

“Water-on-Wheels meets the needs of environmentally conscious events,” says Rebecca Cotter, co-owner and professional event coordinator. “I have worked with or planned so many events that have been challenged by the waste produced by empty disposable water bottles. Now, with many Ontario municipalities banning the presence of commercially bottled water on their property, WOW is pleased to be able to offer events an environmentally-friendly practical solution.”

WOW mobile water refill stations each feature four self-serve faucets and can provide continuous water refilling for up to 5,000 users per station, per event. It’s a fully staffed service that helps events decrease their environmental impact and allows event attendees the option to refill their personal reusable water bottles on site. Water-on-Wheels is extremely popular with events that need to provide access to water to their attendees. As Cotter notes: “The ‘green’ trend is no long a ‘trend’ for event coordinators. Attendees and participants expect that events undertake environmentally responsible efforts to decrease event waste and provide sustainable options.”

For more information about Water-on-Wheels, visit the company website at http://www.wateronwheels.ca.

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