Video: Surrey Central City Go Green Flash Mob

Shared by  on May 31, 2011

Surrey’s Chimney Hill Elementary is hoping to spread a positive message about preserving our planet, the fragility of our planet and our personal responsibility in conserving her precious resources. Having 580 students work together for one common cause, and demonstrate an incredible amount of enthusiasm and teamwork was a testament to our society’s future. This event showed that many different components of a society can work together to send a message in a creative, well-organized and child-centred manner. Way to light up the fireworks!

Envisioned by: Michelle Mackay, Vivian Li, Heather Briske
Choreographed by: Julie Sture
Video by: Dpiction

This event started out as a very small idea and grew into a very large event. On behalf of Central City, along with the students and teachers of Chimney Hill, we would like to thank our valued sponsors:
Coast Capital Savings Credit Union
Simon Fraser University
Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association
Johnstar Clothing
Speedi-Gourmet and Central City Dairy Queen

For more information, please visit:

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