Biodiversity Lecture Series and Scott Linstead – Beaty Biodiversity Museum Update

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Biodiversity Lecture Series: Digital Biodiversity – Paul Hebert

Biodiversity science is building a new approach to identification, one based on the analysis of short DNA sequences. This shift from analogue to digital identification systems will transform biodiversity science–where a touch will reveal an organism’s identity and all that humanity knows about it. Paul Hebert is the science director of the International Barcode of Life Project, which aims to index and identify forms of life through DNA barcoding.

Saturday, April 30, 7:30 p.m., room 2, Woodward IRC
Registration is required, please register here.
Free admission. Click for more information.

High Speed and Camera Trap Wildlife Photography – Scott Linstead

In this unique presentation, freelance wildlife photographer and writer Scott Linstead will discuss his philosophy on creating wildlife imagery.  Although Scott straddles both the traditional and high-tech camps in his photographic endeavours, the technical, biological and ethical subtleties of high speed and camera trap photography will be examined in particular.  Get a peek behind the curtain at the massive technical undertakings of his most published images and hear a firsthand account on the realities of publishing natural history photography for a living. Following this lecture, Scott will be hosting a book-signing of Decisive Moments, Creating Iconic Imagery.

Wednesday, May 4, 7:00 p.m., Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Registration is required, please register here.
Free admission. For more information on Scott, please visit his website.

Check our website for other exciting events that are coming up in April and May!

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