Plastic Pollution in our Oceans

There are five major ocean-wide gyres — the No...
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You have probably heard about the garbage patches that our in our oceans but may not know the exactly what it looks like. I however do. I have sailed through 2 of them. I remember being amazed at the sudden onslaught of garbage and wondered if a local fishing boat was dumping into the ocean. I quickly realized it was far more garbage than what could come from one boat. For most of the day I saw garbage and it was as far as we could see into the horizon. 2 years later I sailed through a 2nd patch and whileI was not as surprised with what I saw I was still taken aback by the vast amount of garbage floating by.
This video shows the impact that plastic is having on our oceans and marine life. It is worth the watch!
What can you do?
– Look for products with no or reduced amounts of plastic
– Take your own containers when getting takeout
– Get your own water bottle and reusable travel utensils
– Buy in bulk!
– Get your own reusable produce bags
– Recycle, recycle, recycle (although this is not a long term solution)
– Check out My Plastic Free Life. Beth has so much great information

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