LiveSmart BC offers eco-energy grants to homeowners

Homeowners across British Columbia once again have access to thousands of dollars in LiveSmart BC grants for energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

“Programs like LiveSmart BC stimulate job creation across the province and help people invest in the energy efficiency of their homes,” says Peter Sundberg, executive director of City Green Solutions, a non-profit that provides energy assessments for the LiveSmart BC program.

In addition to the LiveSmart BC incentives, there are mortgage loan rebates and financing options available to assist homeowners undertake home energy upgrades. The LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive program is expected to deliver:

  • An average of 22% energy savings per home
  • An average reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 2.5 tonnes per year per home
  • Reduced pollution and improved local and regional air quality
  • Concrete and quantifiable progress towards meeting BC’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals
  • Cost effective action towards achieving the BC Energy Plan
  • Thousands of jobs in communities across the province
  • 40,000 BC homes that are more affordable to operate

“Residential energy efficiency incentive programs rejuvenate our existing housing stock, protect BC families’ most important investment, and stimulate local economies across the province,” says Sundberg. “We encourage the next federal government to re-instate the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes grants in order to join the Province of BC in taking a leadership role in advancing energy efficiency.”

Homeowners wishing to access grants can contact City Green to have a home energy assessment. Advisors conduct an on-site home energy assessment before and after upgrades, provide a customized energy efficiency report and handle the paperwork for grants on the homeowner’s behalf. Grants for the new LiveSmart BC program are provided through a funding partnership between the Province of BC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC.

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