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From: Lake Winnipeg Foundation

Is It Too Late To Save One Of The Largest Fresh Water Lakes In The World?

Airing in Winnipeg April 3rd on CBC Television’s The Nature of Things

Sunday, APRIL 3rd, CBC Television’s The Nature of Things premieres SAVE MY LAKE, a documentary that plunges into the scientific and environmental factors behind the shocking deterioration of spectacular Lake Winnipeg over the past 35 years. Since the 1990s, thick green sludge has invaded its shores, often covering over 15,000 square kilometres of the lake.

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Save My Lake follows the scientists and researchers who are trying to solve this environmental puzzle, and determine what is causing this invasion of green goop.

Lake Winnipeg has long been a beloved destination for vacationers and cottage owners – for generations, it has been a recreational hub for families, residents of Manitoba and tourists. Those who have experienced and enjoyed Lake Winnipeg have a strong, personal connection to its vast beauty.

“For over 30 years, I have spent my summers on the magnificent shores of Lake Winnipeg. But when I see green sludge so thick that I am afraid to let my kids swim in the lake, it’s time to look into the situation,” says Paul Kemp, co-director and executive producer, Stornoway Productions.

Lake Winnipeg is the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world, and the most chlorophyll-polluted lake in the world. Literally thousands of lakes in Canada, and around North America, are suffering from similar fates. Save My Lake reveals how a perfect storm of agricultural and hydro practices, sewage run-off, flooding and marsh destruction have affected the lake, andexamines why Lake Winnipeg’s ecology has changed so drastically over the past three decades, and what can be done to secure a healthy future for the lake.

Save My Lake is produced in association with CBC’s The Nature of Things senior producer Caroline Underwood. Stornoway Productions was founded in 1983 and has established a world-class reputation for producing in-depth and provocative documentaries. Over the years, Stornoway has expanded its program base to include factual and entertainment, although its focus is primarily in the documentary genre. The continuing strength of the company is its ability to present issues and stories in exciting and compelling formats, winning critical praise, excellent ratings and individual program awards and nominations.

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2 thoughts on “Save My Lake (Lake Winnipeg) – Nature of Things

  1. “Patching the Surface”

    Just recently watch the documentary & found it quite off-putting. The problem truly has escalated & poses a great threat to the future of that freshwater basin. Now, this is a potential approach that came to my mind on how to take on this environmental state of emergency… How practical the idea may be… I don’t know, but here it is…

    Collect all the excess green algae by skimming it off the lake, then turn the algae into something “environmental” (of course!)… Biofuel?… Fertilizer? (Recycle into the very land that is part of this problem?)… Possible other solutions?… ?

    That lake is a piece of this planet’s lifeline & my hopes go out to the survival of something we all truly take advantage of!


  2. Any update on this? Has Manitoba Sustainable Development and/or Environment Canada and Climate Change released their State of the Lake Report (2018/19)?


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