Bike-to-Work Education

Get Your Workplace Biking this Spring!

With recent safety improvements, such as the downtown separated bike lanes, biking to work has become more popular (and fun!) than it’s ever been in Vancouver.  Factor in the the positive health, wellness, and sustainability impacts, and you’ll see that cycling to work has huge benefits for both individuals and businesses.  The VACC has helped all levels of cyclists be safer, more confident, and more comfortable on the road.  With Spring just around the corner, and Bike to Work Week coming up in May, we can help you encourage and support cycling at your workplace with our fun and interactive workshops:

Biking to Work: A Primer (1 hour)
This workshop provides support and guidance for employees who are new to biking for transportation, as well as for those who already do commute by bike. It’s suitable for cyclists of all abilities, and also provides support and guidance for employees who’ve thought about biking to work but might need that extra little push to try it.  Certified bike-safety instructors will discuss topics such as bike safety scenarios, taking bikes on transit, route planning, what to wear/carry, making your workplace bike-friendly, and much more!  Bike maps and other resources will be provided to all participants. Cost for up to 30 participants: $195


Demystifying Your Bike: the Basics of Bike Maintenance (1 or 2 hours)
This fun, interactive workshop takes the mystery out of the bicycle. Participants bring their bikes and we show them how to do a basic inspection to make sure it’s in good running order. They learn how to clean and oil their bike, check their brakes and gears, and a few other tricks to make their riding experience more enjoyable. We cover fixing the dreaded flat tire (not really such a big deal after all!), and help participants decide when it’s a good idea to take their bike to the shop. Cost for up to 15 participants: $245.  Please note: Fixing a flat tire only included in the 2-hour version.

Discounts available for bookings of 3 or more workshops.  Custom and on-road workshops also available.

New in 2011 – Get $50 off as a referral bonus when you forward this to another workplace and they book a workshop!  Please forward widely to any Green Teams, HR representatives, keen cyclists, or business owners who may be interested in bike training at their workplace.

Thanks, and happy cycling,

Karen Parusel
Workplace Education Program Manager
Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition
Cell: 604-839-6649
Office: 604-878-8222


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