Manitoba’s Meditation Lake still protected Whiteshell Park

Falcon Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park

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Winnipeg – Today, the Wilderness Committee is celebrating with Manitobans after the provincial government’s announcement of their intent to permanently protect the Meditation Lake area in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

“Our kids will thank us for this action,” said Eric Reder, Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee. “Our parks are a public refuge that recharge our spirit. We have taken another step towards making all of our parks into fully protected areas. But we have concerns about the proposed private Tim Horton development at Sylvia Lake.”

In 2009, after secretive government development plans for Mediation Lake surfaced, Manitobans vocally and vigorously spoke out against the proposal, and ultimately forced the cancellation of development plans. The Wilderness Committee has been asking for Meditation Lake area to be completely protected ever since.

“The government is to be congratulated for the protection of the Mediation Lake area,” said Reder. “Private development has absolutely no place in provincial parks.”

The Wilderness Committee has serious concerns about the ecological impact of the planned Tim Horton development at Sylvia Lake, and an ongoing environmental assessment of the area must be completed before any development can occur.

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