Free Energy and Water Savings Kits for Saanich Residents

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Free Energy and Water Saving Kits ($35 retail value) are now available for District of Saanich residents thanks to the Tap By Tap Saanich initiative.

The innovative is a partnership between the District of Saanich, the Capital Regional District, FortisBC, City Green Solutions, with financial support from the Government of Canada through the Department of the Environment.

Each kit includes a high-efficiency showerhead, swivel-head kitchen faucet aerator, bathroom faucet aerator, thread seal tape, shower timer, installation instructions and a Household Guide to Water Efficiency booklet.

“The Tap By Tap Saanich program is providing District of Saanich residents with the tools to reduce water and energy use, save on energy and water bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated through water heating,” explains Mark Boysen, Sustainability Coordinator for the District of Saanich.

Saanich residents will not have to sacrifice performance to realize the benefits of the energy and water saving kits.  The showerheads are easy to install and provide great pressure from nine jets, ranging from gentle needle spray to forceful jet.  The kitchen sink swivel aerator provides 360° swivel action and features an on/off lever that eliminates the need to readjust the temperature each time you turn on the tap.  The bathroom faucet aerator provides a soft stream, perfect for hand-washing and teeth-brushing.

Beginning March 1, Saanich residents can pick up their free Energy and Water Saving Kit at the Main Reception Desk of the Saanich Municipal Hall (770 Vernon Ave – Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm).

Bring your old showerhead, proof of address, and utility account number for your water heating system (FortisBC for natural gas water heating, BC Hydro for electric water heating).

The program is currently only available for Saanich residents on a first-come-first-served basis. The kit is easy to install and all the old fixtures collected will be recycled.

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