Students aim to phase out bottled water

Bottled Water

Here is another amazing student-led initiative. From Burnaby, BC, Students from Alpha Secondary’s environmental club are campaigning for people to choose tap water over bottled water to help protect the environment and reduce waste.

“This is the only planet we have. We have to try and take care of it to make sure future generations have the same things we have today,” said Kevin Hua, spokesperson for Alpha Secondary’s environmental club.

Read more about the story from Burnaby Now and check out Alpha Secondary’s environmental club Facebook group.

Congrats to all the students!

One thought on “Students aim to phase out bottled water

  1. I am totally agree with you. I always avoid to drinking bottled water. Plastic is so harmful for human body. All plastics are petroleum based products. Typically plastic do not break down and therefore are not environmentally friendly.



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