Biosphère Environment Museum: Wild about Nature

Français : Biosphère de Montréal au Canada en ...
Français : Biosphère de Montréal au Canada en octobre 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Montréal – From February 26 to March 13, 2011, the Biosphère Environment Museum is the place for youth and their families to have a spring break full of discovery and adventure with the “Wild about Nature” program.

Indoors and out, they are invited to come have fun while discovering some secrets about biodiversity.

Discovering winter biodiversity with Pehr Kalm
In 1749, botanist Pehr Kalm was astounded by the variety of species living on Île Sainte-Hélène. Come and join him at the Biosphère and be guided in an outdoor adventure.

Biodiversity treasure hunt
Partake in a treasure hunt with the magnificent giant photos of the Tightly Knit exhibition as a starting point. Visitors will discover fascinating aspects of Canadian biodiversity and increase your knowledge of certain species that are highlighted during the activity.

Also scheduled for this very busy week

  • The scientific presentation Wanted: Pollinators presents the role of bees, birds and other pollinating insects in maintaining biodiversity
  • The film Man and His World
  • The Water Wonders exhibition presents eight interactive modules that involve many games, experiments and challenges, such as solving the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, creating energy and even walking on water.
  • The exhibition ONE | Outfits from a New Era will astound both youth and adults, with its 16 spectacular outfits fashioned from products of mass consumption, accompanied by art videos and soundtracks taken from the Canadian music scene.

Entrance to the Biosphère is free for those aged 17 and under (does not apply to organized groups). The museum, located on Île Sainte-Hélène in Montréal, will be open on Monday, February 28 and Monday, March 7. Visit for complete information on our programming and opening hours.

As an environment museum, the mandate of Environment Canada’s Biosphère is to encourage everyone to take action on environmental issues. In addition to presenting exhibits and special events, the Biosphère develops educational and awareness-raising products for a diverse clientele across Canada and is a recognized clearinghouse for environmental information.

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