Wilderness Committee Decries Plans to Develop Prosperity Mine

Location of the Chilcotin Plateau
Image via Wikipedia

Vancouver – The Wilderness Committee strongly condemned Liberal leadership hopeful Christy Clark’s suggestion, reported in a recent Globe and Mail article, that Ottawa should be pressured to approve the so-called Prosperity Mine, located on the Chilcotin Plateau west of Williams Lake, BC.

The proposed Taseko Mines Inc. operation would have turned Fish Lake into a tailings pond for mine waste.

“This is one trial balloon that should be popped,” said Wilderness Committee National Campaign Director, Joe Foy. “Ms. Clark is trying to stir up a dead conflict to life by suggesting that this terrible mine project has a hope of being built. This lake killing, fish destroying, wildlife wrecking project does not have a snowflake’s chance in a sauna of getting started and everyone knows it, or should know it,” said Foy. 

Foy pointed out that virtually all the Tsilhqot’in communities surrounding the proposed gold and copper mine are against the project. “The federal environmental review panel found that this mine, if allowed to proceed,  would have had a serious impact on the fish, wildlife and water that the Tsilqhot’in rely on for sustenance,” said Foy. “To advocate that this mine project now proceed, as Ms. Clark has done, is to advocate an attack on the rights of the Tsilqhot’in people to live on their own lands,” said Foy.

“People across Canada were disgusted to learn that a mining company was proposing to destroy an important fishing lake to put in a polluting gold and copper mine,” said Foy.

“There was widespread relief last year when the feds had made the proper decision and killed the proposed mine. Christy Clark risks damaging the reputation of the entire BC mining industry by suggesting this dog of a project could somehow be approved. The public backlash would be too great – and rightfully so,” Foy said.

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