Climate Change & Renewable Energy Coordinator – Falls Brook Centre

Falls Brook Centre, New Brunswick
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The following opportunity was posted by New Brunswick’s Falls Brook Centre:

The “Climate Change & Renewable Energy Coordinator” will…

1. Assist with the maintenance, expansion and promotion of the Falls Brook Centre Net Metering and Off-grid Demonstration Projects.
• Review and improve any energy efficiency and conservation resources, and used in an information centre with practical demonstrations of energy conservation/efficiency retrofit and renovation options.
• Maintain and expand renewable energy and efficiency efforts in Off-grid and Net Metering System at FBC.
• Provide workshops on renewable energy, energy conservation/efficiency, and climate change.
• Research the latest information on renewable energy technology, techniques and applications so as to improve Demonstration Projects and workshop materials.
• Develop Climate Change and Renewable Energy Material for the FBC website.

2. Regional Coordinator of the Renewable Energy Information Hub (RE Hub)
• Coordination of activities in the Northwest region of New Brunswick to engage renewable energy users and the general public with examples of small scale renewable energy.
• Visit renewable energy users and collector their information to provide case studies for the RE Hub website and public information and engagement opportunities.
• Work with other regional coordinators to improve the content and engagement opportunities of the RE Hub

3. Coordinate the FBC Mobile Climate Change & Renewable Energy Demonstration Centre: The Climate Change Bus.
• Design complementary climate change/renewable energy educational materials and workshops for the Climate Change Bus.
• Schedule and Coordinate Bus visits, and drive the Bus to schools, fairs, and public events.
• Provide tours, workshops, and interactive activities on the Climate Change Bus.
• Coordinate research updating the display and demonstration material on the Climate Change Bus

4. Link with local, national, and international efforts to promote the implementation of renewable energy and climate change projects and work with FBC to develop and promote on-the-ground climate friendly alternatives to demonstrate how implementation of these projects can happen at the community level.

About the Work:

The Coordinator will work with FBC staff, interns, and experts to maintain, expand and promote the Falls Brook Centre Net Metering and Off-grid Demonstration Projects, which will be a focal point to promote the Climate Change benefits of energy conservation and renewable energy technologies in New Brunswick.

Prerequisites – Applicants must:

• Be aged 25 or over;
• Have a driver’s license;
• Have a clean driving record – a document from your insurance company will be requested;
• Be a Canadian Citizen.

General Qualifications Required:

• Candidates must be self-motivated, dynamic, well organized, and be able to function under
pressure and handle numerous tasks simultaneously;
• Understanding and experience in working on sustainability and environmental issues;
• Knowledge about electrical wiring and renewable energy/energy efficiency equipment an asset;
• Knowledge about the Kyoto Protocol and Climate Change issues;
• Computer skills including Office (word, excel), e-mail, Internet;
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
• Experience working with school groups, youth and children;
• Must be willing to work on evenings and week-ends;
• An ability to meet deadlines, be flexible in new situations, and to deal well with change;
• Excellent health and fitness;
• The ability to communicate in both English and French would be an asset;
• An ability to design and maintain websites would be an asset;
• You must have the ability to feel comfortable with wood heat, spring water, and a remote rural community living experience.

Qualifications Required

• Degree in environmental studies, community economic development, energy related engineering, or a related field of study, and/or proven experience in the field;
• Demonstrated experience/interest in climate change and renewable energy issues;
• Strong interpersonal and presentation skills;
• Confidence, or experience, to drive a large (school bus size) demonstration centre (automatic transmission);
• Ability to deliver both hands-on and research based projects.

Remuneration: $30,000/yr with a one-year contract. Possibilities for a contract extension and involvement with other FBC climate change projects and initiatives based upon quality delivery of responsibilities.

Applications will be accepted by e-mail. Applicants should electronically provide a resume and a cover letter highlighting their qualifications for this position. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Deadline for receiving resumes March 30th 2011. Applications will be reviewed as they come in and the position filled when we have a suitable candidate.

Please send all applications:

Jean Arnold
Executive Director
Falls Brook Centre
125 South Knowlesville Road
Knowlesville, NB, Canada E7L 1B1
Tel: (506) 375-8143
Fax: (506) 375-4221
Visit our website:

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