The hottest place to be this Winter? – Toronto Zoo

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Toronto ZooIt’s time to get out of the cold and head ‘south’ into one of our tropical pavilions, where you can get up close to all kinds of exotic animals. Check out some returning favourites including the meerkats and pygmy hippos in the newly refurbished African Rainforest Pavilion, along with some new friends, including the Jackson’s chameleon and ring-tailed lemurs!

While you’re at it learn more about your animal friends with our daily Keeper Talks. You can even grab a hot chocolate and take a walk through our award-winning Tundra Trek exhibit getting face to face with our three playful polar bears. So visit the Toronto Zoo to get in touch with YOUR wild side. Looking for more fun? Register for the Zoo’s March Break “Playtime Forest” education program and explore our rainforest, complete with many fun activities and crafts for families to enjoy.

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