Communities that Can! Health, Equity and Sustainability

A One-Day Learning Event for Inquiring Change-Makers

Complex challenges for 21st century change-makers

Three big challenges confront change-makers everywhere: health, equity and environmental sustainability. We know that the complexity of these challenges must be balanced by our change-making capacity. We need to change the ways we make change – changing the change-maker as well as the change-making.

Taking our thinking and practice to the next level, we’re better equipped to take the kind of action that generates higher levels of health, equity and sustainability – in people, in communities, and in the natural and built environment. And that’s the kind of change the world needs.

A unique learning opportunity

This Learning Event supports practitioners and policy-makers in their efforts to create health-seeking, change-embracing, citizen-engaging and response-able communities. Communities that Can! introduces innovative and integrative ways of thinking about change-making in all sectors, from government to grassroots, local to global.

Taking a “heads-up and hands-on” approach to learning and practice, the session offers a practical introduction to the Communities that Can! approach to change-making. The Communities that Can! approach includes a strategic action framework, as well as an integrated capacity building model and curriculum.

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