AJ Update: Wade Davis fights for Sacred Headwaters

NEW Water Issue
Alternatives presents a stellar team of water advocates bringing you the most pressing threats to water, with tangible solutions. Jamie Linton dramatically explains how and why we need to restore our public beaches and water fountains. Water ethics are key, which is why we enlisted experts Robert Sandford and Merril-Anne Phare to offer the three essential principles needed to ensure resilient water systems. Find out why Wade Davis has taken up the fight for the Sacred Headwaters.

Fully immerse yourself in this topic by picking up the Water issue at your local newsstand. Better yet, take this hydrological adventure even further. Subscribe today and receive a free membership to SwimDrinkFishMusic, the Lake Ontario Waterkeepers’ music club!

Guide a Student to Environmental Studies
The ONLY comprehensive directory of environment (and related) programs, with fascinating stories about pioneering initiatives in environmental education, rolled into one Earth-changing magazine. Find it on newsstands now or order it online.

Get a FREE bestseller on Water
Find out how you can get a FREE copy of Chris Wood’s book, Dry Spring: The Coming Water Crisis of North America, and read his latest writing on watershed management in our Water issue.

Wade Davis fights for Sacred Headwaters
Ethnobotanist and 2009 Massey lecturer Wade Davis exposes the BC government’s gross misuse of Canadian taxpayer funds, originally slated for environmental protection. A must-read!

Bob Gibson calls Bullshit
Bob Gibson celebrates the merry bands of bullshit exposers and offers good reason to rise above it.

NEW Podcast
Ontario Power Generation’s Steve Hounsell tells Alternatives Podcast wizard Peter Stock everything he ever wanted to know about biodiversity. Engaging minute by minute, Hounsell explains the compelling business case for biodiversity and why corporate leaders best get on board.

Engaging and entertaining, Peter Stock’s exclusive author interviews expose fascinating new angles and dig deeper into the story. The perfect podcast to spend some time with as you relax over the holidays.

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Fancy yourself a green entrepreneur? ClimateSpark is looking for business ideas that can make reducing emissions a profitable venture. There are weekly prizes for registered participants – this week’s prize is a subscription to Alternatives. The winning proposal will receive $10,000!

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