$50,000 for best Home Energy Savings Idea – GC News #709

Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative @ EPIC 2008
Image by thegreenpages via Flickr

709: 27 December 2010 – Published by Green Communities Canada.

BIG BIRD. Green Calgary’s tip of the holidays is to buy an organic turkey. “Sure they are $75 but how often do you buy a turkey? Remember you are paying the true value of what that turkey has cost the farmer to produce: animal welfare, soil fertility, and clean air to name a few.”

HOME ENERGY. Green Calgary celebrates Home Energy Savings Day on 22 January, along with several partners. Home Energy Savings Kit are available at local RONA stores … Clean Nova Scotia informative videos, Feeling the Loss: Air Leakage and Your Home (One and Two), feature actor  John Dunsworth (Trailer Park Boys’ Jim Lahey) … Windfall Ecology Centre is featured in video, shot during Green Neighbours 21’s wHole in Your Home Show.

HOME ENERGY AWARD. EcoLiving Awards, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, recognize Canadian businesses, innovators and students dedicated to improving energy efficiency in the home. Due 31 January.

HAPPY PAST YEAR. Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador Climate Change Education Centre had one of its most successful years to date. During the 2009-2010 school year, the Centre received over 200 classes and special interest groups, reaching over 4500 people. Sixty-five Environmental Awareness Event workshops, reaching over 1500 people, were carried out by Green Teams … See CCNL holiday tips.

EDUCATED DRIVER. “Last month, I had a unique opportunity to participate in Clean Nova Scotia’s DriveWiser program, which tracked my gas emissions while driving around our neighborhoods […] Using those tips, I brought my gas down by almost a litre per 100 kilometres, which will result in annual saving of $111,” writes Halifax political columnist.

MYSTERY SPEAKER. Who said: “The problem of global climate change affects us all … we shall only succeed in dealing with the problems through a vast international cooperative effort”? Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, addressing the UN, 1989. And who said: “I want us to be the greenest government ever”? Current UK PM David Cameron, 14 May 2010, also a Conservative. Meanwhile, back in Canada…

FUEL-EFFICIENT SHIPPING. Union of Concerned ScientistsShip it Green! campaign aims at making the US truck fleet more fuel efficient. Trucks account for four percent of all the vehicles on US roads, but use 20% of the country’s fuel … Purolator will double its fleet of hybrid vehicles in Canada.

POSSIBLE DREAM. San Francisco wants to power itself with 100% green power by 2020.

CO2 AIRWAY. Google Map flight emission calculator allows people to calculate the carbon dioxide CO2 emissions of their next flight. Flying accounts for more than 600 million tons of GHG per year.

STREET TREES. Modular subsurface integrated tree and stormwater system holds unlimited amounts of soil while supporting traffic loads beneath paving and hardscape.

JOBS. TREC Charitable Foundation, Education Director. Toronto, due 7 January … TransFair Canada, Communications Coordinator. Ottawa, due 16 January … Canadian Environmental Network, Executive Director. Ottawa, due 17 January … Ecojustice, Communications Associate. Toronto, due 21 January.

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