Canadian Tire’s Sustainability Strategy is on Track: Third Quarter Highlights

Canadian Tire – Many companies talk the talk – but Canadian Tire Corporation is walking the walk when it comes to efforts in reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

With 89 sustainability projects completed in the third quarter alone, Canadian Tire has now brought the total number of projects in 2010 to over 200. The Canadian founded company is among the first major Canadian companies to report quarterly on its efforts, reflecting the integration of sustainability into its daily operations and aligning environmental and profit performances.

Sustainability measures are reported in relation to three key segments of the business operations: Products and packaging; product transportation and buildings and operations.

Highlights outlining the significant strides this quarter and for the year-to-date include:

  • By the end of 2011, Canadian Tire will have designed, built, and opened the first of its next-generation of energy efficient stores that will be 75 per cent more energy efficient than those built in 2010Packaging and handling changes to 111 retail products that will help us avoid 620 tonnes of product and packaging waste annually.
  • Right-sizing 35 products, contributing to a forecasted annual avoidance of over 470 tonnes of packaging material. Product rightsizing ensures that products are not over-packaged for the size and fragility of the product in question, contributing to reduced transportation costs, GHG emissions and packaging stewardship fees.

The Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) has recognized Canadian Tire as taking a very laudable integrated approach when it comes to leadership and commitment. Canadian Tire is engaging stakeholders through collaboration and soliciting feedback which is moving best practices in the industry forward when it comes to sustainability.

Tyler Elm, VP of Business Sustainability at Canadian Tire is available to speak about these initiatives, what Canadian Tire is doing to achieve its sustainability goals, and the importance of integrating sustainability into business operations at a high level.

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