“A Better Organic World” Contest

So Nice
So Nice

Have a great organic idea? You could win $5000 to make it happen!

So Nice, Canada’s largest soy beverage brand, is presently running “A Better Organic World” Facebook contest which asks: “How would you spend $5000 towards a better organic world?”

The winner will be awarded the $5000 to put this plan into action.

The contest, which runs until December 31, asks Canadians to submit their ideas for a better organic world, share with their friends and inspire sustainable living.

The top 10 ideas (based on votes) combined with 10 selected by So Nice will be submitted to the judges. In January, the judges will announce the winner of the Grand Prize who will be awarded $5000 to put towards their idea.

Four Contest Prizes (each worth $100 in So Nice product vouchers) are awarded on the 15th of each month based on votes. Plus, $1-savings coupons are available to anyone who votes.

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