Road Pricing and Smart Growth: Transport Futures Forum

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Given the importance of Ontario’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Greenbelt Act and Metrolinx’s “Big Move”, could road pricing help the province meet density targets, accelerate transit-oriented development, convert brownfields and protect green space?

These are the tough questions that will be addressed and debated at the 4th Transport Futures Forum at the Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto – December 2, 2010.

A panel of distinguished experts will expand on what road pricing can do for modal shift, congestion reduction, pollution and infrastructure funding by focusing on what it can do for smart growth. Here is a list of some of the participants:

  • Dr. Robin Lindsey from UBC will give a provocative overview of road
    tolling and its relationship to land use planning in Canada and around
    the world;
  • Dr. Alex Anas from the State University of New York provides
    cutting-edge research on US congestion, road pricing and urban sprawl;
  • Ms. Sue Flack of MRC McLean Hazel examines the pros and cons of European road pricing and its impact on development patterns;
  • Dr. Richard Soberman of Trimap Communications takes a critical look at travel demand and urban form in the Greater Toronto Area.

Spaces are limited for this value priced event. Be sure to register by November 12 to take advantage of the early bird rates.

Register for the Transport Futures Forum today if you work or have an interest in any of the following: urban planning/development, transportation policy/planning/engineering, goods movement, transit, cycling/walking,
energy, climate change, infrastructure, asset management, agriculture, tourism, engineering, law, health, social justice, taxation, business/trade, finance/economics, education, social marketing, politics and/or sustainability.

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