Bring on the Electric Vehicles

There’s been a lot of hype for Electric Vehicles in the media lately (see: “Electric cars take off, quietly” ‎from the Vancouver Sun; “A quicker spark for Vancouver’s electric vehicles‎” from Metro Vancouver; and “B.C. may be electric car capital The Province. The ever-reliable GLOBE-Net proclaims “B.C. on front line of electric vehicle revolution“.

The i Miev engine

By ScienceWorldCA on Flickr

Not since the documentary film, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” have I ever seen so much excitement.

The most promising vehicle that I have seen and read about is  Mitsubishi‘s i-MiEV. You can read more about it on their specialty brand web site just for Canadians:

If you are able to hit the EV 2010 VÉ Electric Vehicles Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver this week, definitely GO, take some photos, and share them with us (I would love to go but alas can’t make it.)

Finally, want to know what BC Hydro thinks about the EV revolution and how they are planning for it? Check out this article and many more from BC Hydro.

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