Federal leaders out of touch on sustainability – GCNews #692

692: 23 August 2010Published by Green Communities Canada.

‘REEPING’ REWARDS. See cover story about Waterloo Region Green Solution’s home energy evaluation customers and Peaksaver program in Cambridge newspaper … See clip of a faith building audit video featuring Certified Energy Advisor Dave Klassen. 

CHANGING COURSE. Green Calgary Board of Directors decided to reduce Green Calgary’s operations and to focus on its Commercial Environmental Services and Healthy Homes programs, and EcoStore.

SHORELINE NATURALIZATION. Shoreline property owners in the Kawartha Conservation watershed can receive up to $300 in match-funding for naturalization projects on their waterfronts, through a partnership with Peterborough Green-Up Lakeland Alliance, and Victoria Stewardship Council.

TIME PLEDGE. People are encouraged to expand their knowledge and appreciation for their history and its impacts on the natural environment by pledging to volunteer with Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL).

EXTENDED SEASON. Green Calgary’s workshop, Extending the Growing Season in Calgary – Low Tech Solutions for Squeezing More Out of the Garden, features an heirloom tomato grower. 24 August … Everdale Farm (Ontario) offers a Foraging for Wild Edibles workshop. 25 September.

YOUTH CLIMATE. Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador’s Climate Change: A Local Focus on a Global Issue workshop allows students to gain a stronger understanding of the science behind climate change and to draw a closer connection between actions taken in their own lives and this global issue.

THOUGHT LEADERS. Pembina Institute 2010 Global Thought Leader Survey on Sustainability’s findings show: most thought leaders agree that increased energy efficiency and renewable energy have the highest potential to address climate change; carbon tax and cap-and-trade both needed in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; federal leadership out of touch with thought leaders on most pressing issues facing Canada.

FUNDS AND FUNDING. Small Change Fund accepts project submissions for environmental projects in Canada … Blue Avocado suggests five internal controls for the very small nonprofit: let everyone know about policies in place;  define clearly who is responsible for what; protect computers with passwords; have two people count cash together, and reconcile bank statements.

PROBLEM CASH. Non-profit groups that rely on corporate donations to get their message across may find that it may raise questions and conflicts, especially when donors sell products that clash with, or profit from, a charity’s message, says Globe and Mail article.

BPA FOR EVERYONE. Children are showing higher levels of BPA than their parents and grandparents, shows Canadian government findings. See Environmental Defense petition asking Canada to get BPA out of all food and beverage containers.

HOLY CRAP! 400 Canadian towns flush raw sewage directly into lakes, rivers and the ocean, says federal report …  America reduced the amount of manmade pollutants in its waterways, but managed to smother the same waters with animal manure … Holy Shit (book) suggests ways to manage manure to save mankind … Outhouses transmit pollution three meters vertically and one meter laterally in dry soil, says Humanure Handbook.

ASHES TO POWDER. Cremating a body produces around 150 kilograms of CO2 per corpse, dissolving it in sodium hydroxide produces 66 kg, and freezing it using liquid nitrogen creates 50.  Frozen bodies can be turned into a powder that can be composted or scattered as a fertilizer.

JOBS. EcoSource, Secondary Green Schools Coordinator. Mississauga, due 3 September… CUSO-VSO, Climate Change Advisor. Ottawa, 25 August… Smart Commute Central York, Program Coordinator. Due 27 August …  Just Governance Group, Development Assistant. Ottawa, due 9 September.

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