Indoor Environmental Health Issues, Suzuki Radio, Green Cigarette, Swimming in Oil – GCNews #689

689: 12 July 2010Published by Green Communities Canada.

HEALTHY RETROFITS. People working in the home energy retrofit field are asked to complete a short survey (anonymous) on indoor environmental health issues. The survey is part of a Healthy Retrofits project being conducted by The Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment.

GRANT RECEIVED. Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley’s Sustainable Action Program received $49,208 from EcoAction Community Funding Program. "This funding will allow us to host a series of action-based sustainability workshops and information sessions to individuals and groups throughout the Bow Valley" said Dr. Melanie Watt, Executive Director of the Institute.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES. Beth Jone, Associate Director of Green Communities Canada, discusses green communities on live internet radio, 13 July at 12 pm.

iCANwalk. iCANwalk province-wide public engagement campaign was launched on 29 June with a webinar attended by 55 community-level partners. Green Communities Canada (Canada Walks) is a partner… See iCANwalk pledge to walk and bike more, and drive less. Online tool calculates total km pledged and savings of gas, dollars and green house gases.

INVASIVE PLANT WORKSHOP. Scugog Connections, an environmental action centre led by Durham Sustain Ability, offers a free workshop on how to identify and remove invasive plants and how to prevent their spread and return. Port-Perry, Ontario, 17 July.

REEP RIPPLING EFFECT. Kitchener’s Residential Energy Efficiency Project house for sustainable living is featured on Ontario government website.  "The REEP House demonstrates that conserving our heritage and conserving energy can go hand in hand. It also sends a strong message to fellow Ontarians about the importance of an energy efficient house – and about how implementing these changes in your own home can benefit both your energy costs and the environment," says Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure.

ACTIVE CHILDREN. Green Communities’ French-language Projet Tricycle, which allows students to create active transportation-themed events, successfully wrapped up for the year in Ottawa, Windsor and Toronto with participation by over 1,000 students. A teacher kit is in the works.

SUZUKI RADIO. David Suzuki’s radio program, The Bottom Line, explores the disconnect between society’s modern values and our relationships with the earth.

YOUTH EDUCATION. EcoMentors conference offers free environmental workshops and training activities for youth (ages 15 -24) across Ontario: keynote address by founder of Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. Organized by Earth Day Canada. Toronto, 28 August.

CLEAN WATER. Living Water Policy Project  provides current water policy documents for each province, territory and federal government …  7,446,130 pounds of debris were collected along the world’s waterways during 2009 International Coastal Cleanup. Next cleanup 25 September …

SWIMMING IN OIL. Existing laws cap oil companies’ liability at $40-million in the event of a spill off of Canadian shores, says Ecojustice … It is back to business as usual on some US beaches, deplores Mother Jones article.  “Giant sand sifters that are supposed to collect the tar balls while redepositing the pretty white sand are breaking up the tar balls and spreading them all over the place."

DIRTY MONEY. Canada Pension Plan Investment Board announced a $250-million private placement in a Calgary-based tar sands company, alerts Climate Action Network. “The CPPIB’s investment of public funds into the tar sands is effectively increasing our dependence on fossil fuels and leaving us a toxic legacy for future generations.”

BIXI TORONTO. BIXI Toronto is seeking interested groups and individuals to become founding pledgers. Pledge party 28 July … Catchy hip-hop tune sings the praise of Montreal’s popular BIXI bike program.

GREEN CIG. Battery-powered electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke is equipped with a cartridge containing nicotine, chemicals and other flavorings, delivered as a vapor … 4.5 trillion toxic cigarette butts find their way into the environment worldwide each year …  Recycled butts can prevent steel corrosion.

The GCNews will return 2 August.

JOBS. reThink Green, Smart Growth Education and Network Development Intern. Sudbury, due 23 July … Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Multicultural Outreach Program Coordinator. Due 20 July … Pembina Institute, Director/Oil Sands Program, Edmonton or Calgary, due 28 July.


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