The Evolution of Green Living in Canada

Bosch Shines the Spotlight on a Growing Environmental Trend.

CropperCapture[4] Toronto, ON (May 18, 2010) – Canada is currently the top country in the world to search the term Green Living1 on-line, based on research conducted by Bosch Home Appliances that measured search volume from Google Trends. In addition, since 2004, there has been a steady climb in Canadians searching the term Green City2 with the most recent finding showing a 250 per cent increase in interest3. Without a doubt, Canadians are leading the charge when it comes to showing concern in what their cities and communities are doing to promote a more sustainable and ‘green’ lifestyle.

In light of some of the recent catastrophic environmental events that have taken place around the globe, it isn’t surprising that the environment is one of the most talked-about and thought-about topics worldwide, and even more amongst Canadians. Well-versed in the impact of the individual on the environment, Canadians have always shown strong interest in living a more eco-friendly life, being some of the first global citizens to adopt green practices in the home. For example, in just four years, households across the country increased the amount of materials that were recycled by 65 per cent4.

Whereas in the past environmental initiatives generally centered on the individual and their ability to cause change, trend analyses show that today this concern has evolved to an emphasis on bettering the environment through the community. Canadians are taking sustainable living to the next level – by embracing the impact that environmental change will have on their local communities. They are now focusing efforts on making change through community-based acts and initiatives.

“For many years now the emphasis has been on living a sustainable lifestyle that was primarily focused on initiatives that an individual could embrace at home, such as turning off lights or recycling and composting.” says Dr. David Bell, senior scholar, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Faculty of Environment Studies, York University. “I am now seeing that focus shift to a green culture within the community and within businesses. For example, creating re-usable coffee cup programs within one’s community or leading a petition to have all lights in your office building turned off at night. We seem to be moving toward the idea of a collective mentality when it comes to creating a more sustainable lifestyle.”

In an effort to further generate awareness and encourage green movements within communities, Bosch, a global leader in sustainable thinking and one of the few companies to exceed the ENERGY STAR® qualifications on all its home appliance products, is launching the Canadian Eco-Leader Award.

For Bosch, an Eco-Leader is any individual or community-based group of individuals who stands up for the environment and takes charge to make a change within their respective communities. Bosch’s Canadian Eco-Leader Award will celebrate and recognize the great work that Canadians are doing within their communities to create greener, more sustainable lifestyles for themselves, their families, neighbours and for future generations.

With a focus on grassroots projects and activities Bosch is calling for nominations for the Canadian Eco-Leader Award beginning now until September 19th, 2010. Based on Bosch’s very own five principles of environmental protection, the emphasis will be on projects or activities that address the concepts of sustainability, responsibility, products, processes and continuous improvement within the community.

“How a community engages in helping the environment really paves the way on how we are shaping our global environmental perspective for years to come.” says Steve Preiner, Director of Marketing, Bosch Home Appliances Ltd. “By fostering and encouraging community Eco-Leaders to act on and continue to lead the way in sustainable living, Bosch with the Canadian Eco-Leader award, is promoting and taking grassroots initiatives to the next level helping to shape the future for all Canadians.”

The selected Eco-Leader will receive a one-time monetary award – The Bosch Eco-lution Fund – to help advance the cause of environmental responsibility. The recipient will also be awarded a mentoring opportunity with Bosch representatives, Dr. David Bell (Bosch spokesperson, chair of Learning for a Sustainable Future, co-chair of Education Alliance for a Sustainable Ontario and co-chair of ESD Canada), and select environmental and sustainability experts. These experts will commit their time to meet with the recipient and share their expertise and experiences on eco-friendly sustainable business practices and discuss how an innovative approach to community and business is the key to environmental preservation.

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The Canadian Eco-Leader Award launches on Tuesday May 18, 2010 and is open to all Canadian residents (who have reached age of majority). Nominations can be submitted on the Bosch Eco-lution site ( the Bosch home page at

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3 A Google Trends search was conducted by Bosch Home Appliances on Friday, May 7, 2010 using search terms ‘green living’ and ‘green city’ and analyzing search volume trends based on region.



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