Get ready for Bike to Work Week!

Bike-to-Work Week is starting soon on May 31 – June 6!

From VACC.BC.CA – Bike to Work Week encourages people to try biking to work and celebrates with those that already do. Cycling is a great way to increase personal and environmental health, cut down on transportation costs, and have some fun on your way to work. During the week, log your commutes to win prizes (including a bike-a-day giveaway!) and visit commuter stations, which are celebratory pit stops along bike routes where you can enjoy food & drinks, bike maps, bike maintenance, and fabulous prizes – all for FREE!

If you’re thinking about participating in Bike to Work Week, have your workplace consider one of our workshops to support you and your co-workers! Email to book your workshop now.

Our most popular workplace workshops are:

Bike-to-Work Workshop – 1-2 hours.  Includes safety scenarios, bikes on transit, safe routes, your bike, and more.  Great for getting co-workers excited about biking to work!

Bike Maintenance Workshop – 1-2 hours.  De-mystify your bike by learning how to inspect and adjust your brakes, gears, chain, wheels, fix a flat tire, and more.

Streetwise Cycling Workshop – 2 hours.  Includes on-road training for maximum benefit and is adaptable to all levels of cyclists.

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