Trees Ontario celebrates planting 10 million trees

Toronto – With the spring 2010 tree planting season coming to a close, Trees Ontario is recognizing the significance of the planting of 10 million trees under its programs since 2004.

This milestone was achieved thanks to the participation of 65 tree planting agency partners province-wide, who have delivered Trees Ontario’s programs on the ground and in the field with over 2,000 landowners. Funding for tree planting programs has been made possible from the generous support of government, sponsors and donors.

“The planting of 10 million trees under our programs since 2004 is a great accomplishment for all of us,” said John Cary, Chair, Trees Ontario. “The provincial government, our planting agency partners, nurseries, participating landowners, and donors have thoroughly supported our re-greening initiatives and accomplishments to date, so congratulations to all and thank you.”

In 2004, Trees Ontario and two planting agency partners planted 42,000 trees on four sites. By 2007, the organization had grown its participating partner base to 36, with 193 tree planting sites and 1 million trees. Over the next few years and with the implementation of the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree Program, Trees Ontario continued to ramp up program capacity, including increased planting agency involvement and landowner participation. Now, working with 65 planting agency partners, Trees Ontario supports the planting of 2-3 million trees on over 300 sites each year. Our long-term goal is to support the planting of 10 million trees per year by 2015.

“The Grey Sauble Conservation Authority has been working with Trees Ontario since 2005,” said Anne Lennox-Brindle, Forestry and Wildlife Coordinator, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. “With their programs and support, including the 50 Million Tree Program, over 1.2 million trees have been planted in our watershed.”

As a not-for profit environmental organization, Trees Ontario provides funding to its planting partners to support tree planting programs across the rural landscape of Ontario. The organization’s tree planting programs are funded through government, corporate and donor support.

As part of its tree planting programs, Trees Ontario is the lead delivery agent for the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree program, which will see 50 million trees planted by 2020.

“Every tree Ontarians plant helps combat climate change and makes our air cleaner and our province greener,” said Natural Resources Minister Linda Jeffrey. “Congratulations to Trees Ontario and all their tree-planting partners for bringing the province closer to our goal of planting 50 million trees!”


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