Green Books Giveaway Winner: Where Do You Buy Eco Books?

Congratulations Eric on winning this week’s Green Books Giveaway:

1. Protect or Plunder? by Vandana Shiva
2. Hot Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman
3. Grow Organic: A cleaner, greener book

We asked our readers to tell us “Where is your favourite place to buy Green Books?
Our winning contestants answer:

I like to buy at Second Look Books on Queen Street, in downtown Kitchener.

Thank you to all of our contestants for sharing their green book stores. Here are just a few of the Green Book Stores our readers shared with us:

My favourite place to buy eco books is Outside the Lines: Books for Critical Minds, an independent bookstore on Quinpool Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
– Ellen

My favorite Green Book store – that’s a tough one. I like to buy books at locally owned and operated bookstores where I feel good the minute I walk through the door. If the store has a bulletin board with community events posted, offers a cozy reading area, hosts storytime for kids, etc., then I am inclined to spend my money there! Obviously if they feature a large selection of Green books, that helps a lot!  In my travels, my favorite bookstore has been The Galaxy Bookstore in Hardwick, VT. The proprietor also co-owns a restaurant that sources 80% of its food from local farmers.  The bookstore is full of Green Books, hosts many community events, and author visits. Pretty impressive for a store based in a town of 3,200.
– Shannon

Dragonfly Books and Gifts (Caledonia, ON)
– Katelyn

Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick, Maine – owned by poet and publisher Gary Lawless
– Josh

Mondragon coffee house/store in Winnipeg, which is run as a workers’ collective.
– Karla

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