Launching the Green Book Reviews Website


GBRlogo-Website.jpgEver dreamed of writing book reviews? Now is your chance., an interactive new book review site, has emerged from the rising interest in environmental books.

With such luminary authors and thought-leaders as Margaret Atwood, Jeffrey Rubin and Douglas Coupland now using their pen to save our planet, ideas about the environment are exploding.

Alternatives Journal and have partnered up to help quench this thirst in green ideas. The new website provides the following:

  • Constantly updated reviews featuring the newest environmentally and socially focused literature (both non-fiction and fiction)
  • An easy-to-navigate archive of Alternatives Journal‘s published reviews
  • Reviews written by recognized environmental leaders and experts, providing meaningful insight while meeting stringent editorial standards
  • An interactive forum for user discussion, offering visitors the ability to order books, comment on book listings and submit their own book reviews

Book-Giveaways-banner.jpgAs part of the official site launch, Green Book Reviews will be rolling out weekly book giveaways. Some of the books include:

  • More Good News: Real Solutions to the Global Eco-Crisis by David Suzuki & Holly Dressel
  • Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent by Andrew Nikiforuk
  • Peak Everything by Richard Heinberg
  • Hot, Flat & Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution & How it can Renew America by Thomas L. Friedman
  • The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

Winners will be selected in a random draw and will be announced every Friday on the blog. Read the newest reviews and learn how you can win free books by following the site’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Alternatives Journal
Throughout its 40-year history, Alternatives Journal has published thoughtful and engaging
reviews of cutting-edge environmental books. Authored by the best and the brightest within the environmental sector, Alternatives‘ book reviews offer a whole new perspective for readers
looking to pad their green reading lists.

Highlighting the latest environmental news, events and stories from across Canada, is a web-based network that allows organizations, community groups and
individuals a place to voice their opinions, share information and maintain valuable
connections with like-minded people.

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