Are You Green Power? – Environmental Defence Canada

Are You Green Power?

I Am Green PowerEnvironmental Defence is proud to launch its new campaign, I Am Green Power. An interactive, new website gives Canadians a chance to share stories, tips, and advice on how to get involved in green energy creation and conservation. In addition to the web site, four different Public Service Announcements, featuring green power stories from Canadians, are running on TV stations across the country.

We want to hear your story. Visit I Am Green Power to tell us why you are green power.

2009 Annual Report25 Years of Success for the Environment and Human Health

In 2009, Environmental Defence turned 25. And we’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve protected babies, helped to create a Greenbelt in Ontario, worked to create good green jobs in the new green economy, empowered citizens to defend their communities’ natural resources, exposed Canada’s tar sands as the most destructive project on earth, saved species, gotten toxins banned or reduced in Canadian products, and published a bestselling book. Read about these and other victories in our 2009 Annual Report, released this month.

Download the full report from our website (.pdf).

Great Lakes Still Under Siege from Pollution

Let’s face it. Most of us have a vision of Canada as an environmental leader, particularly when compared to the United States.  If that’s your vision, get ready for a dose of reality.

Canadian companies in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin produce more cancer-causing air pollution than their U.S. counterparts. That’s the key finding of a new report by Environmental Defence, in partnership with the Canadian Environmental Law Association. In total, four million kilograms of substances considered known carcinogens were released to the air in 2007 on both sides of the Great Lakes border.

See how else Canada compares to the U.S. when it comes to pollution in the Great Lakes. Download the full report, Partners in Pollution 2, from our Pollution Watch website.

Source: Environmental Defence Canada.

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