I am probably the last environmentalist to watch Food Inc.
Honestly I have been putting it off because I knew the impact it would
have on me. I have a hard enough time eating meat to begin with that if
I even think about where it comes from or what is in it I get grossed
out. Rightfully so I guess. Last night I finally watched it. 

It is
weird how a 2 hour movie can change the way you think. This morning I
was looking at the flyers and making our weekly meal plan and I was
seeing things I had never seen before. I always thought I was pretty
aware of what we were eating and I think for the most part we are,
except when it comes to meat and products that contain GMO’s and HFCS.
Even Reese Peanut Butter cups have GMO’s in them. WHY WHY WHY???

shocked me the most about the movie was the miles upon miles upon miles
of cattle. I have never in my life seen anything like that. Certainly
beef isn’t raised like that around here…or is it? The answer is I
just don’t know. Joe says it is like that in Quebec and Alberta and not
as much here in Ontario. But perhaps that is because Ontario is more
focused on pork?
We plan on making the following changes. Some were planned before yesterday, some are a result of watching the movie.
1.  Purchasing a cow from a local organic farm. I just need to make sure they are grass fed.

2,  Finding a farm that has organic, antibiotic free poultry.
3.  Finding a farm that has organic pork.
4.  Building a vegetable garden (tried last year but we found a nest of bunnies in its place)
5.  Building a herb garden.
6.  Shopping every week at the local (and amazing) farmers market.
7.  Finding a way to eat locally during the winter.
8.  Cut down drastically on fast food.
9. Do our best to not buy anything from Monstanto.

If you haven’t watched Food Inc. yet
I highly recommend it. It will open your eyes to what we are eating and
how messed up the whole food system is. Sure you could turn a blind eye
to it and say it is just a cow or just a pig. Why do they deserve to be
treated ethically? I think it is about more than that. It is about what
the companies involved are doing to our food. 
How it is making people poor. 
How engineered it has become.
How sick people are getting from it. 
How it is killing people.

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