Salt Spring Island Homeowners Take Simple Steps to Save Water

Victoria –  In less than six months, 100 homeowners on Salt Spring Island installed new low flush toilets and received a low flush toilet rebate valued at $100, administered by City Green Solutions and issued by the Salt Spring Island (SSI) Water Council. Approximately 3,500,000 litres of water are being saved annually on Salt Spring thanks to this initiative.
“We are thrilled at the speedy up-take of these rebates,” says Peter Lamb of the SSI Water Council. “Thanks to all the homeowners who are making positive environmental choices for the Island.” Rebates were issued between September 2009 and March 2010. Subject to securing additional funding, the SSI Water Council will consider extending the rebate program.
Each homeowner will save approximately 35,000 litres per low flush toilet this year, equivalent to one backyard swimming pool or 200 loads of laundry, which will put less strain on the wells, lakes and fresh water systems on SSI.
Of the applicants who applied, 34 draw their water from wells, 51 from the North SSI Water District and the remaining 15 from 4 community water systems using lake sources.
“Rebates like this are a valuable tool that benefit everyone – individual homeowners welcome the water savings, local businesses can promote their high efficiency technologies and the whole community benefits from increased water conservation,” says Paula Steele, Communications Director, City Green Solutions, “This is the kind of successful program that we celebrate being a part of!”
City Green is an enterprising non-profit with a mission to excite, inspire and lead BC residents and businesses in finding innovative home and building energy efficiency solutions. The SSI Water Council provides a unique forum for sharing information on the quality and quantity of Salt Spring’s surface and groundwater resources among the full range of agencies, organizations and individuals responsible for providing, protecting, conserving and managing drinking water on the island.


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