Truly Re-Find Design – Nate Organics for Spring 2010

Mainstream basics are rejuvenated by designer Adam Katz for Nate Organics. This season promotes the company’s eco friendly philosophy and aims to revamp your idea of green, by repurposing old classics and breathing new life in to previous designs.

While many designers source their fabric from wholesalers, Adam chooses to use what has already been created “I looked at my inventory as well as the reams of remnants and vintage clothing that already exists. I created a series of garments made entirely from remnants, second hand clothing and Nate T-shirts from previous seasons” explains the designer. Not only does Nate Organics pay respect to the earth with the Re-Find collection, but also to previous designers “our use of recycling vintage ties to trim and adorn our garments is a nod to those who have created great things before us.” The ties embellish his designs on the exterior and they also find a purpose on the interior of the garment when they become a pinch tab label.

image007 Nate stands for Natural Authentic Textile Experience. The vast collection is created with both men and women in mind; for women, easily wearable dresses, tank dresses, hoodies and tank tops pop with interesting cuts, cheeky screen prints and vintage tie details. Men will find that their old mainstays of Tees, hoodies, cardigans and 3/length briefs have been given a new personality and individuality by use of “paneled patchwork” and screen prints.

You won’t find a wishy-washy “eco friendly colour palette” here; warm and sultry colours of hot pink, purple and Caribbean blue, are spring staples in the women’s and men’s collection. For those who prefer to be less fashion forward, the Nate Organics line also provides pieces in down-to-earth tones of green, brown, black and white.

The varying collection has been created to transcend age barriers; because its inception began with none other than the t-shirt, Nate Organics aims to take a wardrobe stable and change it into something to motivate the masses. “There is plenty of style in our pieces to reach the young street freak and enough of the bare essentials to accommodate the eco-mama and papa’s who appreciate the feeling of doing something good for the planet by buying ‘green’” explains Adam.

The Nate Organics collection retails from $39.95- $89.95 and can be found at the following retailers: Vancouver: Planet Claire (, Tutta Mia (, and Victoria: Not Just Pretty (

For more information, to interview the designer, to obtain high resolution images or samples please contact:

Laura Norbury
Style Coordinator, The Honey Mustard
(p)604.565.6105   (c)778.999.6105

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