TheLiving Series

livingseries-Library Slim 3d.jpgTorontoThe Living Series DVD collection will be available at select retail outlets nationally, just in time for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd.

The Living Series was created to arm consumers with practical advice on how to make the transition to a more eco-friendly life. This six DVD series offers invaluable information and tips on everything from green cleaning to energy conservation, green gardening and organic cooking. The Living Series features a variety of experts and simple, easy to follow instructions.

Many of us have been increasingly hungry for credible information on how to “go green” in all aspects of our lives. From the products we use, to the companies we deal with, to the very way we live our lives, more and more of us are looking for products and services for our families that are greener and more eco-friendly. With The Living Series, we get all that information and more on this complete DVD set.

DVD 1: Green Cleaning for a Healthy Home

This informative and engaging DVD will show you a variety of environmentally safe cleaning methods for your home along with a detailed discussion of the tools you’ll need to make every room in your home safer and healthier. Learn about toxic-free cleaning solutions and environmentally safe products you can easily make yourself. Filled with demonstrations and helpful tips, this video will help you “clean up your act” with environmentally safe cleaning practices that will benefit your entire family.

DVD 2: Energy and Conservation for a Greener Home

This eye-opening DVD takes you through an actual energy audit of an average home, as seen through the eyes of a professional energy advisor. Save money and the environment with a variety of excellent tips and advice on low cost solutions to “phantom hydro” in the home, lighting, air circulation, water, heating, insulation and much more! This is a must-have resource for every homeowner. Put money back in your pocket while you help improve the future of our planet.

DVD 3: Eating Green – Organic Foods and Cooking

When it comes to feeding your family, ensure you are making healthy and wise choices. This informative and entertaining DVD will teach you everything you need to know about organic foods; what they are, why to choose them, where to purchase them, how to understand the labels, how to prepare baby foods, how to buy local and fresh produce, and learn how to prepare delicious organic meals for your family. Includes: recipes, tips on vitamins, exercise and a number of energy saving tips for the kitchen. This video will leave your mouth watering for more ways you can be environmentally responsible in your food purchases and preparation.

DVD 4: Green Consumer – Choices for the Entire Family

Learn how to make a number of healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle choices that you and your family can implement in your own home, including: safe personal care products, appliances and home furnishings. This interesting DVD will show you how to read labels and improve or replace what you have in your home; from baby needs like diapers and solid foods to laundry. This video includes a number of terrific green activities for your kids and is a wonderful resource for families who want to make their lives greener.

DVD 5: Green Gardening and Lawncare

This video teaches you everything you need to know about natural lawn care, including pest control, lawn maintenance, water management, soil requirements, planting and composting, as well as the tools you will need to get started. Pesticides are out, and hand picking is in. Your neighbors will be envious of your green and healthy lawn and blooming garden!

DVD 6: A Comprehensive Guide to Going Green

This is a quick start guide to get you and your family on your way to living greener lives. This compilation video covers green cleaning, energy and conservation, organic food and cooking, green family living, and organic lawn care and gardening.

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