ECO Canada Recognizes HR Excellence in the Environment

March 23, 2010, Calgary – ECO Canada’s annual Environmental Employer of the Year Awards recognizes companies in the environment industry for their commitment and dedication to human resource (HR) excellence. These awards are unique in that winning organizations are selected based on the evaluation and feedback of their employees-a true testament to a company’s efforts in aligning HR practices to support and strengthen workplace culture.

This year’s winners include SENES Consultants Limited (large company category) and The Natural Step Canada (small-medium sized category).

To encourage ongoing refinement and review of HR policies and practices, ECO Canada introduced its HR Commitment Award in 2009. This award recognizes returning participants who demonstrate significant improvements in staff satisfaction. This year’s award goes to Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.

"This prestigious award is a wonderful tribute to the work we have undertaken to ensure our HR policies are in line with our organization’s core sustainability values," said Kelly Hawke Baxter, Executive Director of The Natural Step Canada.

"The fact that this honour is awarded primarily based on employee feedback signifies that our employees feel valued, respected, and supported-a goal we strive to achieve for both people and the environment."

As part of the application process, all organizations are required to distribute an employee engagement survey to their staff. These results are used by an independent HR selection committee to select the finalists in each category.

"Well-developed HR practices are the basis for any company’s success, but particularly when you consider the recruitment and retention demands of our industry today," said Grant Trump, President and CEO of ECO Canada.

Finalists in the small business category are: Inside Education Society of Alberta and Stratos Inc. and in the large business category: Golder Associates Ltd. and Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.


About ECO Canada:

ECO Canada develops programs that help individuals build meaningful environmental careers, provides employers with resources to find and keep the best environmental practitioners, and informs educators and governments of employment trends to ensure the ongoing prosperity of this growing sector. For more information please visit:

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