SwapSity: Bartering for a Greener Future

release_green.jpgToronto – With the official launch of Toronto’s green bartering community, SwapSity, it will be even easier for eco-friendly and budget-conscious Canadians to go green through barter.

SwapSity opened to the public March 22, just in time for the spring cleaning
season. Until now, the website has been in private beta and membership
required an invitation. The site is a one-stop bartering destination
where virtually everything imaginable can be exchanged – turning trash into treasure.

“Bartering helps to reduce the impact of consumerism on the environment,” explains
SwapSity founder, Marta Nowinska. “Instead of sending perfectly good
items to landfills, why not trade them and let someone else enjoy your

SwapSity also extends the barter experience by organizing face-to-face swap meets that bring together local eco-enthusiasts under one roof.

Current members have successfully traded all kinds of goods and services through the site. Bella from Toronto, an active SwapSity member who recently traded art supplies for a haircut and Reiki treatment for truffles, finds the site very appealing. “I love to see things go to good use and be in the hands of someone who will enjoy them,” she says.

“It’s so much better for the environment and it frees up space in the home, which is equally great.”

The process is a breeze. Users simply create one list of their swappable goods and services and another for the things they want in return while SwapSity instantly generates local matches to jump start swapping. It is also possible to enhance listings with YouTube videos, photos and web links. Members can communicate freely and decide whether they want to accept a swap offer, negotiate or decline it. They can also equalize uneven barter exchanges with cash. Most importantly, membership and transactions are free, so users can swap to their heart’s content without breaking the bank.

For more information, including how to sign up, SwapSity, visit: www.swapsity.ca


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