Green Business Bureau’s web-based program a first in Canada


Thumbnail image for GBB Logo.JPGVancouver – The Green Business Bureau (GBB) announced today the launch of their new web-based program designed specifically to help Canadian businesses become more sustainable.

The new service will assist entrepreneurs, executives and employees of businesses across Canada committed to the environment and sustainable business practices by showing them how to reduce their environmental footprint while saving money and differentiating their businesses.

The Green Business Bureau’s easy-to-use and cutting-edge web-based tool provides businesses a road map to implement eco-friendly practices in the workplace that will have a real impact on the environment and their business. Take a quick tour of site’s key features.

At the core of the GBB program is an innovative system of green initiatives specifically designed to yield the maximum benefit for the environment while minimizing the level of effort and investment required from the business.

“Although a growing number of businesses would like to green their business, they worry that it will take too much time and too much money. We’ve designed a simple, intuitive roadmap that will guide and keep even smallest business on the path to sustainability” said Marcos Cordero, CEO of the Green Business Bureau. Here’s an overview of how the system works.

Business leaders across Canada are increasingly seeing the need of incorporating environmental considerations into their day-to-day decision making.

“The first step in getting started isn’t always changing your business,
but changing your thinking to realize that going green doesn’t mean you
have to sacrifice profits,” says Mike Shekhtman of eeko couriers, one of the initial companies to join the Green Business Bureau in Canada. “Doing business in a more sustainable way makes solid business sense, and can provide the crucial edge to compete in a tough environment.”

For more information about the Green Business Bureau, visit: 

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