Dragons’ Den, Bottle Free, Healthy Homes – GCNews #673

673: 22 March 2010

HEALTHY HOMES. Green Calgary is recruiting people for its newest project, Healthy Homes Calgary. The program helps families reduce their utility bills by focusing on energy and water conservation. Program staff also addresses indoor air quality, recycling and composting, food choices and alternative transportation options.

CREEK CPR. Junction Creek Stewardship Committee worked for two years on Clearwater Revival, a film highlighting the past, present and future of the Junction Creek.

STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM. Muskoka Heritage Foundation’s Natural Heritage Stewardship Awards recognize efforts of private or commercial property owners to protect or rehabilitate natural areas. Due 31 July …  The Muskoka Stewardship Program is restarting after nearly 15 years, with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It aims to implement various site-specific conservation practices, public and landowner education, and recognition initiatives.

GOLD BOX AWARD. When Paul Barrett stepped out of his front door last Wednesday morning, he was pleased to discover a bright yellow recycling bin waiting there. As Air Quality Coordinator for Green Venture, Paul is always careful when it comes to sorting his waste. City staff analyzed what he deposited at the curb and left the special bin in recognition of his achievements as a “super recycler”.

BOTTLE FREE. Clean Nova Scotia hosted Halifax’s first annual Bottled Water Free Day in the city’s downtown. Volunteers handed out reusable water bottles in exchange for a signature on an I Love Halifax Tap Water poster … EcoSuperior Bottled Water Free Day Taste Test showed that 87.2% of participants chose tap water or filtered tap water over bottled water, which received just 12.8% of the vote.

PESTICIDES AND FOETUS. See excellent 10-minute video Lawn and Garden Pesticides: Reducing Harm by Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. DVD copies for $25.

PET POO. Green Calgary Ashley Lubyk recommends using an anaerobic digester to dispose of pet wastes (and meat, bones, dairy, and other processed food too!)  A home-made one costs $12.

ENVIRO-SHOPPE. Have a glimpse of Environment Network’s Shoppe: recycled aluminum foil, stainless steel lunch containers, and more. See slide show on local media website.

FIT AND microFIT. Solar opportunities for local businesses are highlighted at a seminar hosted by ecoPerth. RSVP. 25 March … REAL’s workshop explains how homeowners and businesses can make money by producing electricity from their rooftops and properties, 23 March. The first workshop on 12 March was well received, filling the Rideau Canal Museum auditorium.
COMMERCIAL ORGANIC WASTE. Green Calgary held a well-attended workshop identifying challenges, barriers and Calgary-specific solutions for commercial organic waste disposal.

INNOVATIVE. "Innovative organizations are uncompromising on their goals but flexible in their methods; they are service deliverers working to change policy and advocacy organizations developing programs on the ground. The only question is ‘what will get the job done?’” Tim Brodhead, McConnell Foundation, lists ten characteristics of highly innovative organizations in his article On not letting a crisis go to waste: an innovation agenda for Canada’s community sector.

DRAGONS’ DEN . Eco-preneurs can pitch their green inventions at local Dragons’ Den auditions or online until 22 April for a chance to win $100,000.

JOBS. Credit Valley Conservation Authority, Diversity Outreach Intern.  Due 9 April … Smart Commute 404-7, Project Director. Due 1 April.


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