Copenhagen Legacy Essay Scholarship

The 2009 United Nations Copenhagen Summit was an unprecedented opportunity for our government leaders to come together to solve climate change. In the aftermath of 11 days of indecision, many questions remain: What are we doing now and what will we do in the future? How will future generations remember our time?

The Copenhagen Legacy Essay Contest is seeking essays that attempt to answer this question in a creative and inspiring manner. The contest asks you to imagine yourself in the year 2110 and write an essay that explores the environmental legacy of the 21st century.

The winner will receive a $2,500 scholarship from AIR MILES My Planet and a chance to be published in Alternatives Journal, Canada’s national environmental magazine. The contest is open to anyone enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution, and the deadline for submissions is April 30

The following are suggested guidelines for the essay:

  • Incorporating thorough research of the Copenhagen Summit and its implications
  • Healthy optimism balanced with appreciation for political and social realities
  • Arguments incorporating current climate projections as historical records
  • Strong analysis of the reasons behind contemporary and future environmental attitudes
  • Creative input without resorting to blind conjecture

Before submitting your essay, please read through the submission instructions.

Visit for more details.

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