Walkability Hero, Sexy Insulation, and Bottled Water Free Day – GC News #671

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671: 8 March 2010 – Published by Green Communities Canada

10TH ANNIVERSARY. Resource Conservation Manitoba is turning 25 and celebrates its anniversary on 9 March.  RSVP .

BOTTLED WATER FREE DAY. As a follow-up to EcoSuperior’s Back to the Tap Taste Challenge, Thunder Bay residents are being asked to celebrate Bottled Water Free Day on 11 March. “A national initiative that fits well with the local campaign to encourage people to make tap water their first choice,” says Ellen Mortfield, EcoSuperior Executive Director.

DOC SCREENING. BC Green Ideas Network presents documentary Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification at Green Wednesdays, 10 March.

POLAR PLEDGE. Peterborough Green-Up is challenging local residents to pledge an act of green. The goal is to reach 1,000 acts by the end of March. Green-Up staff Donald Fraser and Thalia Bock will do a Polar Plunge after the entries are tallied.

SACRED SPACES. Waterloo Region Green Solutions is featured in an article called The Ecology of Faith in the March 2010 edition of Grand Magazine.

WALKABILITY HERO. The walkability mission of  Jacky Kennedy, director of Canada Walks, is the topic of Walk With Me article in the  April 2010 edition of Canadian Living magazine (page 73-76). It follows Jacky’s footsteps from the Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program to the ASRTS Canadian partnership, Walk 21 conference, 2007 World Record Walk and Walkabiliy Master Class.

PNEUMO-ROADS. Children whose home is within 100 metres of a main road could be as much as 65% more likely than others to develop pneumonia, says British study.

WARM HOMES. Under a major program just announced by U.K. energy minister Ed Miliband, up to 7 million U.K homes will receive eco-upgrades by 2020, including improvements such as solid wall insulation or renewable energy technologies. A key feature of the strategy is a Pay as You Save (PAYS) mechanism that provides soft loans to homeowners to be repaid on their property taxes. The loans will remain attached to the house “ which removes an important barrier for homeowners who may plan to sell before they get full benefit from longer payback efficiency and micro-renewables investments. See Guardian article.

U.S. RETROFIT. Proposed HomeStar program offers up to $3,000 in rebates to U.S. home owners who make energy-efficiency improvements to their homes. The program would create tens of thousands of jobs, achieve substantial energy reductions and save homeowners $250 -$500 annually.

SEXY INSULATION. “Someone said insulation is not very sexy.  I disagree. Here’s what’s sexy about it: saving money,”  said Barack Obama in December 2009.

CHARITIES AND SOCIAL ENTREPRISES. BC Centre for Social Enterprise released a paper on the legality of registered charities operating social enterprises. For those engaging in revenue generating activities within a charitable legal structure.

GREEN ROOF INCENTIVE. The City of Toronto is accepting applications for its Eco-Roof Incentive Program, which promotes the use of green and cool roofs on Toronto’s commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Due 1 April.  A second round of funding will be available in the fall.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Progress Through Process: Achieving Sustainable Development Together report examines how to reinvigorate governance processes to make real progress on sustainable development, and presents four live case studies. By the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, and the Public Policy Forum.

CLIMATE EQUITY. The world is unlikely to achieve climate equity until it achieves gender equity, said Nobel Peace prize winner Wangari Maathai, honored for building a women’s army of tree planters who grew greenbelts throughout Kenya (as reported by journalist and author Wayne Roberts)

JOBS. Sustainable Waterloo, Events Manager. Due 31 March … Natural Step, Exchange Manager.  Ottawa, March 16.

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