Green Jobs, Negawatts, Urban Heat, Faithfully Green – GC News #670

670: 1 March 2010 Published by Green Communities Canada.

GREEN JOBS. Clifford Maynes, Green Communities ED, presented last week on Green Jobs as part of the reeep Power Lunch webinar series. Included overviews of Blue-Green Canada, Green Economy Network, and community-based initiatives in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Georgina Island First Nation, and St. John’s. Webinar also included an illuminating update on the U.S. green jobs scene by Sarah White. See video of full webinar, or request presentation by C. Maynes.

GCC STAFF. New appointments at Green Communities Canada: Sé Keohane, part-time bookkeeper, becomes fulltime Manager of Finance; Beth Jones, Associate Director, now has the added responsibility of Director of Finance; Bridget Indelicato is now the full-time Coordinator of Office and Member Services, and will provide an administrative support role for the national School Travel Planning project; and Dave McLeod is now working full time as Director of Business Development for the Home Energy Solutions department.

ACTION PLANS. Over the past two years Green Venture (Hamilton) has produced GHG Action Plans for 24 local community organizations and small businesses … Staff are being trained on aspects of creating Action Plans under the ISO framework, including ISO 14001 (see forthcoming workshop) and ISO 14064-1 and 14064-2. “The world is moving towards a low-carbon economy,” says GV manager Pete Wobschall. “We’re developing this service in an effort to meet emerging community needs and diversify our fee-for-service programs.”

FAITHFULLY GREEN. Our Faith Communities forum offers workshops: How to get started; Footprints and audits; The journey to a Zero Footprint: Congregations and Major Remediation. By Greening Sacred Spaces Toronto and The Green Awakening. Toronto, 7 March.

URBAN HEAT. Summit Urban Heat Island: reducing extreme urban heat in the Quebec-Windsor corridor: best practices and innovative policy approaches. Toronto, 3 May.

LOW-INCOME ENERGY. Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) annual conference gathers anti-poverty, affordable housing and environmental advocates to share experiences and engage in an action agenda. Toronto, 26 May.

NEGAWATTS. UK hotels are saving thousands on energy bills after signing up to an Environmental Business Pledge scheme. One hotel cut its utility bills in half and achieved an 83% reduction in water used per room … Transition Canada provides support, guidelines and training to communities concerned about climate change and peak oil …Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller (book): author examines the implications of peak oil.

PERCEPTION/REALITY. New Scientist article discovers a poor match between consumer perception of corporate greenness (as compiled by Earthsense) with the reality of their performance (as compiled by Trucost). See interactive graph. For example, Starbucks is seen as greener than McDonalds – but McDonald’s performance is actually greener … Article also cites an app for green that allows consumers to scan product bar codes and get an instant environmental rating, as compiled by GoodGuide (“find safe, healthy, and green products”) … Although 76% of Americans say it’s important to walk or bike instead of drive, only 15%  often or always do; and if 72% say it’s important to use public transportation or carpool, only 10% often or always do.

TRANSIT SAVES. U.S. data says high quality transit costs much less in taxes and fares than it saves in vehicle, parking, and road costs … See blog on Carfree Design Manual and website.

COMPLETE STREETS. Complete streets accommodate all users – including pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists, transit. What a concept! See national U.S. coalition and planner info pack.

BON APPÉTIT. Bring Food Home conference: strengthening regional economies; sustaining food production – farm, city and countryside, policy and planning. Kitchener, ON, 4-6 March … Reel Food Film Festival presents documentaries and shorts: Indigenous Plant Diva, Dirt! The Movie.  By USC Canada and Just Food. Ottawa, 18 and 25 March … Podcast on agriculture.

JOBS. Lakeland Alliance has two positions: Shoreline Advisors. County of Peterborough, Hastings and Haliburton, due 13 March … St. Lawrence College, Food Security Instructor/Course Developer.  Due mid-March … Corix, General Manager/Regent Park Community Energy System. Toronto, no due date … Ecology Action Centre, School Travel Plan Facilitator (Cape Breton).  Due 14 March.

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