GLOBE 2010 Summit: Future of Energy, Retail, Carbon Mgmt, Greening the Economy

How will the global energy mix transform over the coming decade?

From the future of the oil sands, to the increased use of natural gas; the implementation of new technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage, to corporate diversification into renewable energy sources – the global energy sector is rapidly changing and bringing new challenges and opportunities to the forefront. Join senior energy executives including CEOs from Marathon Oil, Suncor, TransAlta, Spectra Energy and others as they present and debate their views at the Future of Energy Dialogue at GLOBE 2010.

How does the ‘green consumer’ impact the move to a greener economy? As the general public takes a more values-driven approach to consumption, how can the retail industry live up to new expectations for environmental responsibility? How will sustainability ultimately impact the core business of retail? Hear executives from retail giants like Walmart and Sears, as well as specialty retailers including Lululemon, Seventh Generation and Starbucks as they discuss the future of the retail sector in this evolving scenario.

What’s happening to carbon? Will we have cap and trade regimes? With the failure to reach agreement in Copenhagen, what will happen to carbon markets, emission reduction schemes, and related activities? Experts, policy makers and corporate leaders will explore these topics in a variety of sessions at GLOBE 2010.

Can the transition to a lower carbon economy drive economic recovery? Governments have poured billions into stimulus spending, much of it to further develop and drive the green economy. Will this lead us to economic recovery? Will the world be a cleaner, greener place after the stimulus plans take effect? Is Cleantech the investment wave of the future? Join us for Cleantech Day on Thursday, March 25th and for a Town Hall Session on the Future of the Green Economy on Friday, March 26th featuring leading thinkers, economists, and corporate leaders as they explore the future global low carbon economy.

All this and more at GLOBE 2010, March 24-26, at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada.

For more information, to register or book accommodations, visit (now or contact us:

GLOBE Foundation
Tel 604.695.5001
Toll Free (North America) 800.274.6097
Fax 604.695.5019

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