Add Some Green to the “Greenest” Olympics in History

IMG_2559.JPGComprised of a community of environmentally-active athletes and supporters, Preparing the Trail 2010 is running a national, not-for-profit tree planting fundraising initiative to celebrate our natural playgrounds.

The group hopes to draw attention to key environmental issues, contribute to Vancouver’s “Green” Olympics, and raise money for our Canadian Olympic athletes as they compete for gold on home soil. 

Preparing the Trail 2010 hopes their “Adopt-A-Tree” program will create a lasting impact on our environment for future generations to enjoy, while also inspiring a more healthy and active lifestyle across the country.
How Does It Work? Throughout 2010, athletes and community supporters will come together to plant thousands of trees across the country, in an active movement to engage the public in a progression towards a physically and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

The majority of the trees will be planted by volunteer athletes at popular outdoor racing events and the remaining portion of the trees will be planted through schools and community-focused tree planting events. Every tree planted will be documented and made eligible for the online Adopt-A-Tree program, where they can be uploaded to a Google map found on the Preparing The Trail 2010 website, allowing those who adopt trees to literally watch it grow throughout its lifetime.
Trees can be adopted on the Preparing the Trail 2010 website for $10 each. Half the proceeds will be distributed to athletic charities, and the rest will going to various environmental programs and getting more trees in the ground.

Trees Ontario, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing tree planting initiatives, has agreed to plant another tree for every tree adopted through the Adopt-A-Tree program. Trees Ontario hopes that this initiative will further their goal to plant 50 million trees by 2020. 

About Preparing the Trail
The community was created by three passionate and motivated entrepreneurs dedicated to making exercise fun and productive, anywhere, anytime, for anyone, in the most sustainable way possible. Our mission – To execute programs that attract community members to outdoor sporting events and tree planting initiatives by bringing technology, athletics, and the environment together in unique and engaging ways.

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